"Would You Like Me To Build You A High-Quality List Of 10,000 Subscribers While You Kick Back And Do Nothing?"

Plus, I'll Coach You How To Market To This New List Of Yours For Free!


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"Devon, What Exactly Am I Getting?"

1. YES! This 10,000 email we’re building you is 100% opt-in and only from “top-tier” countries (USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand) – 90% of your list will be from the USA.

And everyone on your list will be interested in making money online.

2. This program is NOT FREE!! You Must have money to take part in this! So if you’re broke or you only have a couple hundred bucks…sorry, but this isn’t for you.

After you get us all of the info we need, you just sit back and do nothing until we contact you stating that you’ve got some people on your list.

3. YES! This offer includes 1-on-1 coaching once we’ve built your list for you. It makes no sense for us to hand you over a 10,000 person email list, and then not show you how to make money with it!

4. There is a limit to how many people we can do this for.

The ideal person for this will already understand the value of a list, but will probably have had trouble growing their own list.

Maybe you’ve tried to grow a list in the past but it’s taking you FOREVER.

Maybe you keep buying auto-responders and so called “push button” list building software but aren’t having any luck.

If that’s you, and you understand that for many people, a 10,000 person list could make you up to $10,000/month (or more), then hurry up and apply now!

5. YES! This offer is 100% GUARANTEED!

Yes, Devon! Please Build Me A Massive List!

Your next step is to submit your accurate contact details below, so my assistant can reach you with details on how to set up the one-on-one chat where we'll discuss if and how we can work together on your business.

Please remember this offer is available on first come first served basis and we're only looking for a handful of serious people to work with.

This is NOT a free offer. If you're looking for handouts, you're in the wrong place. If you'd like us to help you drastically shortcut your list building learning curve by skipping all the technical work and you recognize the value in having someone as experienced as myself do it for you - I look forward to connecting with you real soon on a potentially life changing phone call.

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